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The owner of the Marriage Agencies Union Hanuma Net Ltd - Oleg Syedyshev My name is Oleg, and I am the owner of the Hanuma Marriage Agency Association. I know and I can say at the top of my voice that Slavic women are the most beautiful, kindest, most reliable, romantic and caring women in the world. I created my marriage agency to help our women find their happiness.

My agency is for those who want to find their soul-mate!

My policy is to create a serious and reliable relationship between a man and a woman!

My biggest desire is to make people happier!

From a local agency which started in 2000 as a partner of foreign dating networks with e-mail forwarding, translation, gift delivery, organization of social events only in one Ukrainian city, Mariupol, the company has grown into an independent network of websites and partners in many parts of Ukraine and other countries. The company is now headquartered in Prague, Czech Republic.
The company has contracts with web programmers, web designers, social media managers, SEO experts, office managers, customer support managers with years of experience. The core of the team has been working with websites for years, some of them since the foundation of the marriage agency in 2000.
In order to provide quality service to our clients and avoid fraud, we only accept women who provide a copy of an identification document, such as a domestic or foreign passport. In addition, profile information is confirmed by phone or video call.

Get to know the people who work with you and try to help you:

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